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Ear Candling

Ear Candling is the holistic way of dealing with ear aches, wax buildup and other common issues related to the ear.  It is a therapeutic relaxation technique that is is safe with children and adults alike. Come experience the soothing feeling of ear candling.

Does Ear Candling Hurt?

Absolutely not!  It is a painless, harmless and totally relaxing experience. If it weren’t for the intermittent crackling and hissing sounds – due to the burning candle and the wax being drawn up the chimney of the candle – you would never know that anything was happening in your ear.

Each session is about forty-five minutes, however you should allow one hour for your appointment.

What to Expect.

You will lie comfortably on your side on the massage table.  The larger end of the hollow ear cone is then lit on fire.  Once smoke starts billowing out of the tapered end, that end is then placed in your ear.  The ear cone does not go inside your ear any further than your finger would go.  A seal is created and now that smoke is gently billowing down along your ear canal loosening up the wax and debris while creating a suction back up into the cone.  Just as a vacuum loses suction when the bag gets full, so does the cone.  After the cone has burned down about 2 inches it is removed from your ear and the flame is cut off into a bowl of water.  A thin wooden skewer is used to clear out the cone, which is then re-lit, reinserted and allowed to burn down another 2 inches.  This is typically done three times on each ear.  A little bit of ear oil is placed on a cotton swab to clean any residue from the ear.

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